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To inspire the love for sports and developing characters for life!

Our vision is to build a netball community where all girls share the same passion for the sport. We strive to provide an environment that will develop to their fullest potential in netball.

Lions Netball Academy provides Netball programs for players in the aged 7 to 17 in specific programs for their age. The programs are designed to give these players the skills and knowledge to bring their game to the next level.

Training includes fitness instructions, skills specific netball coaching and understanding game play through set play strategies and games concept.  Programs are designed to develop players' decision-making skills on and off court. Lions Netball Academy aims to continuously develop and improve our program to meet the needs of players.

We conduct specialized programs in age groups U8 (age 7 & 8), U10 (age 9 & 10), U12 (age 11 &12).


For the age group age 13 and above we have separate programs for different skill levels on Sunday morning.


The programs are designed to build the passion for netball at a very young age.
The training includes fun netball games, fun modified netball games for younger players,

 skills specific netball coaching and understanding game play through set play strategies and games concept. Programs are designed to develop decision making skills on and off court.

The program follows the international school calendar, and the year is divided into 4 terms.

Additional to the training we participate in local and international carnivals, tournaments, and leagues.

Our coaches are a mixed of experienced expat and Singaporean Netball coaches who will help players progress and improve in all aspects of their netball development as well as character development.

We charge per term. Each term has a different number of sessions. The fee can be prorated at $38 and there is a minimum number of sessions.


- If you signup for all sessions of the term, the full fee is $35 x number of sessions.

- The full term fee for siblings is $30 per session for a full term.

- If a player brings one or more friends (who has/have not been with Lions Netball Academy

  before), all players get a discount and player pays $25 per session for the full term.

- For combination discounts and specific season discounts, please contact the Lions Netball

  Academy manager at 8892 7468 or with the contact form below.

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